Located in different sites but very close to each other,
Marbella Horses operates in two main places.




Positioned near the sea in a picturesque setting with an air of mystery, peaceful paths through eucalyptus trees lead down to the beach. The sound of the sea and nearby boats can be heard and enjoyed.

This old Yard is situated at only 200 meters from the beach in an exclusive and calm area between Marbella and Estepona. Although it is more than 30 years old, the building still keeps its original charm of a traditional Andalusian Yard. After extensive renovation work it has acquired a more functional and modern character without losing its very essence.




In the area of El Padrón, very near the centre of Estepona, the equestrian centre El Padrón is owned by Mr. Francisco Sánchez García. Pepe has always been a “Horse Man”. He shows it every day through caring for the horses that are stabled in his facilities. The yard is clean, functional, has easy access and an excellent arena.

This is the place where we conduct our daily training and prepare our Dressage horses for competition. We have done so for several years.

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